New theory formed by Amrow Hijazi to reform any ORG or/and country globally and in local level. The Numocracy book is available online in and others.

Numbers and laws form the life of an individual that may be living in the desert, sitting on a plane, studying in a university library-however, that individual is only one person within a big system that is not governed or formed by that individual. In Numocracy, a branding and strategy expert presents a new theory that he feels should govern the system that controls the basic rules and applications in our modern time.

In this century, many concepts have been reversed as governing systems now rule side-by-side and humanity has abandoned its many boundaries. International businessman Amrow Hijazi has years of experience working within our competitive world and shares his numerical concepts while providing a detailed explanation of his innovative theory. Others will learn about the contributions of our society and its influences as well as why:

• The individual is the most ambitious of the three elements in society

• An individual’s discontent with reality is so important to realizing change

• Real reform should target all classes

• Individuals should change not only themselves, but their communities too

Numocracy and its included theory are intended to unite the world on the road to reform-one individual at a time.

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