Was first introduced to Mr.Amr Hassan by Mr.Asem Gala back in 1999. Where hp wants to have an IT person handling their program in Dubai TV. Amrow introduced to the team in 2000 to start working with a6fal.com “TV show for kids in Dubai TV”, he met Mr.Wael Abbas and they worked together to have a solid TV show broadcasting IT and computer solutions for parents sponsored by hp Middle East and paid by Dubai TV.

Amrow was in charge of tsolver group and sharing ideas and solutions, he faced so many challenges for live broadcast in that time where NET solutions were not many. He provided a solutions to broadcast remotely with >20 PCs in same moments. Later he got an offer from Dubai TV and hp Dubai. hp Dubai offerd a contract 3 times and Dubai TV offered a very attractive wages but Amrow choosen hp after 3 meetings by Mr.Amr Hassan.

Later Amrow was heading the Trade Marekting team in the Middle East starting by UAE and covered Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran. He hired many merchandisers, trainers, sales specialist, promoters and much more. His team started with 2 people and he had in 2007 > 800 ESF “Extended sales force” team reports in his organization. He was managing all operations in term of merchnidsing, in-store activies, training and retail reporting. He hired many people lie “Mr.Mohammed Adel, “Mr.Omar Khalil”, “Mr.Mohammed Bensaid”, “Mr.Goerge Akiki”,”Mr.Mohammed Meslemani””Mr.Mario Fares” and more…he is so proud of them.

Amrow introduced the Merchandising strategy which he got awarded by hp for more than 6 occasions and got an award from EMEA about the implementations and strategy. Amrow was reporting to managers like “Ms.Sherifa Hady,”Ms.Leila Fakih”,”Ms. Karin Hofestatter”, “Mr.Gerald Hampapa” where they implement outstanding strategy followed by other competitors across EMEA.

Later Amrow decided to leave hp to join Al-Ahli group and then Dell then traveleld to USA to establish his company “TrueBTL”.

Amrow joined hp again in 2010 leading the marketing team in hp Saudi. Amrow invited a new system called ELM” Engagement and Loyalty program” to boost the sales of hp products in store level. hp was no 4 in market share, jumped directly to NO 1 in store level and in market share by 2012 forward. The ELM was focusing on online, SPP “Student Purchase program – in help of his collegue Mr.Abdulkader Rahmani and Mr.Ehab Alsaad”.

Amrow received many awards internally and Channel Magazine award for the best Marketing Manager in Saudi 2013. Amrow decided to leave hp back in 2014.

Amrow have >11 years history in hp and he gain many experience and was leading the company in his era towards better market engagement. He was awarded internally and external for his outstanding works. He has many relations with hp colleagues and friends. He is so proud of such amazing professional history.