Business people analyzing financial charts and reports on a wall, strategies and analytics concept

Digital is essential in our life and it drives almost every aspects in today’s life. It is not only about the internet it is about life itself. On the other hand, transformation has not started today, it’s there since the beginning of our time. We are transforming in every aspect almost every decade.

But the digital transporation is everything we do in our todays life. It transforing our jobs, process, manufactuing, love…etc.

It is the transformation that has no end.

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Training Objectives

  • Apply the concepts of Digital Transformation to a practical organizational challenge 
  • Identify customer-centric techniques and tools to build a vision and strategy for the future of their organizations
  • Demonstrate principles of leadership and cultural transformation to work into organizational strategies, including self-identification and reflection techniques to drive future growth 
  • Produce Digital Roadmaps and Plans to understand the interrelationships of multiple work streams and projects in the context of Transformation 
  • Utilize visioning, goal setting and planning techniques to set a business agenda towards their future business evolution