In this page I will write some experience that I had during my career.

Corporate Books written by corporations!

As a consultant and trainer for over seven years, I’ve realized that experience and literature are the primary resources for any planning and/or implementation. Time has taught me that the majority of the books’ ideas and instructions do not correspond to the present market environment. The only way to learn more about certain fields and professions is to get experience in those fields and professions.

As an example, MarcomArabia has one of the most difficult environments and corporate cultures. It is constructed in such a manner that it can last for the next 100 years, but without a clear direction or plan. It’s all in the owner’s head. If you compare it to what we have learnt and are aware of. Then it has no blueprint, yet in actuality it is functioning in no particular direction, but it functions perfectly. The organization has numerous abilities and systems that do not theoretically operate together but do so in practice.

Throughout my amazing encounter with this great firm, I pondered its inner workings. I may sum it up with the phrase “Block Chain, locate and fulfill”

It’s similar to the block chain technique, in which members acquire experience from one another rather than the system. The engine is responsible for navigating their operations and meeting their requirements and requests. This is really effective in their thinking and produces practically ideal results.

Indeed, the company’s DNA and culture are one-of-a-kind; I’ve never encountered nor read about a comparable organization. The company’s personnel are constantly in a hurry and under pressure, yet as a system they operate in harmony. On the other side, I see that the approach may vary from department to department, but they are all focused on quality and outputs from their respective perspectives.

In conclusion, MarcomArabia has a distinct DNA, which I feel they are transforming every month in the direction of a better future and better systems. Best wishes to them and to the leadership.

Why proprietors do not write!

The majority of businesses and business owners do not write often; rather, they focus on performance. According to the notion, you should devote 70% of your time to inquiring and 30% to listening. Where the Middle Eastern business entrepreneurs are so preoccupied with the execution approach as opposed to wiring what they really know for their followers.

This GAP is evident to the majority of Owners in several nations. The difficulty is to STOP for a bit, write, and then write once more.

If they just write or seek out writing opportunities in their company, performance will improve immediately. Communication is the only challenge I can identify in this region of the planet. Not included are emails and meetings. This indicates that companies need writing and “Written” advice. Typically, they have wonderful brains that need “simple” expression in writing.