With more than 23 years in Sales, Marketing and business consultant experience. Working in companies like Microsoft, hp, Dell and a lot of multinational and local companies. I was covering the entire Middle East, CIS, Africa and USA. I’m leading companies to dramatic gains in market share, customer acquisition and revenue generation has been a continuing theme of my career in senior level marketing and business development. Throughout my work history in Consulting era, Genius, hp, Dell and Microsoft I pride myself on the ability to recognize untapped areas for growth, devise innovative planning to reach those markets, and implement those plans to dramatic effect. Played a key role on team that garnered over $600M in sales annually in hp alone and boosted sales by up to 60%. Covered Middle East, Africa, CIS, Europe and USA. 

Graduated as computer science engineer. Worked in some main projects in the Middle East.



Was born in Libya, studied in Alexandria “Leci” and shifted to Saudi Arabia “Riyadh”, he was in some main schools till Secondary school like “Al Mansour, Al Aqsa Schools, Al Faisaliah, Al Mutamed Bin Abad and finally Al Jazirah School”, then he travelled to UAE for college and he joined “Skyline” for computer Science and continue for PEL USA – South Dakota, Trustforte in IT. Started his journey in Sales and Marketing at the age of 14 in Riyadh-Saudi in small business Centre in Mursalat Road as Sales Representative selling to small companies and nearby entities. Later he joined Al-Dar company as a secretary in age of 14. He also was working on small workshop for car mechanic, Amrow was working as a driver in the age of 14 for public transportation between main locations in Riyadh.

He was helping and supporting his older brother “Mr.Adel Hijazi” in distribution for food stuff, “Mr.Adel Hijazi” taught him the principles of Sales. Later he was shifted to Philosophic books and readings, where he reads many topics about religions and philosophy. Amrow wrote his first play in the age of 9 and first poets in the age of 8 about woman and his family, his dream was to be astronomical in Kazakhstan, but his father didn’t want it because he thought it doesn’t have a good future. He was studying in private schools and shifted to public schools in Al-Khazan Street studying literary and graduated in 1995.

He is a 5th in his family from Egyptian mother and Syrian father, his oldest sister is a dentist and his father decided to complete his university studies in United Arab Emirates living with older brother “Mr.Assem Hijazi” to study tourist following his older brother “Mr.Adel Hijazi”, he joined Skyline College in Sharjah in 1996 and was introduced to his best friend “Mr.Mohammed Iead”, they both joined tourism bachelor degree program. In 2nd year, they both joined foundation course and joined the full course by 1997. Amrow father faced some finance problems and

Mr.Assem Hijazi” guided him to the IT world and showed him the path of the technology. Amrow joined some small entities to complete his graduation at the college, he shifted his study to Computer Science engineering in the same year and passed the first year, but he couldn’t continue the full graduation program. Hence, he was working in small companies like Kerby Corporation as sales representative and walk for miles every day, later he joined Microsoft as tester for their products preparing for windows 1998, joining Microsoft old and small testing office located in Bur Dubai, he was able to test all printers brands and working for more than 12 hours in order to test and prepare the final testing reports, he was studying and working in the same year. Later, he was working in small sales projects in order to sustain the expenses.

His older brother “Mr.Assem Hijazi” helped him a lot and always does. Thanks to his beautiful brothers “Mr.Assem Hijazi” , ” Mr.Adel Hijazi ” and “Mr.Alaeddine Hijazi”

Later, he was introduced to Saudi Soft and compubase as two different companies working in different fields indeed. He also been introduced to Emitac distribution by that time. Nevertheless, amrow was always with his brother “Mr.Alaeddine Hijazi” all around Dubai studying new technologies and market trends, Amrow was working for free in Microsoft Middle East with no income and just as a tester in the windows lab, he got 3 packages of windows NT workstation as awards after 3 years of testing and ZERO income. Later, he got a job in SaudiSoft selling Citizen printers to Khaled Bin Waleed  road and met one of his best friends “Mr Khaled Kamel” in hiloples computers by 1996, Street in Dubai, he was selling to every single shop on consignments, in the same time he joined the first GITEX in 1996 with Microsoft as Camera-Man, shooting a stand-construction pre and post the event. In SaudiSoft he didn’t last for certain time.

He joined Compubase as Epson Helpdesk. He met “Ms.”Nicola Young” and “Mr.Wissam” and was introduced to his college “Yousuf Ghafoor”, he was handling the Helpline-desk covering the entire Middle East. Their work was to handle complains and technical questions comes from end-users and his work was for shifts also. Early 1996, he was introduced to “Asem Galal” by his older brother “Assem”. Later Amrow was introduced to DTK computers; owned by “Mr.Nemer Al Atal” in Jebel Ali and he was appointed as a Sales Co-Ordinator for the production line producing DTK assembled computers. In that time, he bought his first car “Toyota Corolla” and he established his first group called “t-solver” in 1999 while he was working for Epson to enhance the technical troubleshooting processes and techniques, that group is “Group with a mission to help and support our members on their computer-related problems”, he invited members from all over the world like “Dr.Sherif Kholif”, “Ms.Manal AL Alfi”, “Mr Gordon Gilford”, “Mr Taher Salem” and much more members who joined the group, posting their problems and getting more knowledge. He was promoting the group among others by providing rewards shipped to the winner address and still have some archiving posts and emails in the internet till today. The group achieve still active till today and helped a lot of individuals across the globe.

He was in touch with most of the re-sellers and distributes in the marketplace selling computers and components. Amrow was nominated to meet “Mr. Amr Hassan” from hp by “Mr. Asem Galal”, he met him in Dubai and was introduced to “Ms. Samera Daas”, they agreed that Amrow will join Dubai TV supporting hp in their important program called “A6tfal.com”, he met one of his best friends “Mr Wael Abbas” they worked together to fix the live broadcasting for the program and later he was introduced to the TV IT department in order to share some important ideas for “Modhesh TV program”, the IT manager name was “Ms. Khawla Salem” and later she wanted him to join the team and offer him a job but it was too late because hp offered him a job too. “Mr. Amr Hassan” was calling him for three meetings in order to convince him to join hp but he liked Dubai TV, later he changed his mind because of the late response from Dubai TV and joined hp in 2001. Amrow continued his graduation program in DTK contacting a college Called “Trinity College and University” and they had a program called “Graduation-Experience” later Amrow joined their program called “PEL program” and he graduated in 2001 as a Computer Science”.

Hp office was simple and small located in Dubai Media City, his direct manager was “Mr. Amr Hassan” and he was introduced to “Ms. Sherifa Hady”, “Ms. Alya Azar”, “Mr. Christopher Chell” – he was his neighbor in dubai media city compound”, “Ms. Leila Fakih”, “Mr. Olivier Evain”, “Mr. Prateek Dayal”, “Ms. Hanan Kamel” and much more which will be mentioned by occasion. He was handling the retail Merchandising for Dubai as contingent worker appointed by “Clarendon Parker company”,  the group was formed by five “Amr, Leila, Alya and Amrow”, later Amrow start visiting all GCC countries with Leila to hire more merchandisers and RAM “Retail account managers”, Amrow appointed and hired people like “Mr. Mohamed Adel”,  “Mr.Asem Abu Salem, “Mr.Abdulrzak Shiekh”, “Mr.Hussam Altal”, “Mr. Omar Khalil”, “Mr. Mohammed Al Saati”, “Mr. Mahmoud Amin”, “Mr. Rami Welly”, “Mr. Mohammed Zakariya”, “Mr. Mohammed Bensaid” and much more to cover the retailers in the entire Middle East, Amrow visited Saudi, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Oman and was in Europe every 2 months to get more trainings and expand the Middle East coverage and retail experience.

Amrow hired trainers also in the Middle East like “Mr. George Akiki”, “Mr. Rami Enab” and much more merchandisers, promoters and in-store SMR “Sales and merchandising specialist” to boost the sales. Many incidents and stories has happened starting by 2001-2007, Amrow got a lot of awards and certificates from EMEA about his performance and he trained all retailers and shift the in-store activity into another level for the Entire Middle East, later his merchandising strategy and programs was studied by competitors and implemented “as is”  by most of them. He had more than 600 people in his ORG across the Middle East. Later his mother decided to go to US and shift the family scope. He got a good offer from Al Ahli group to handle the IT and BDM, he also got an offer from Dell Middle East.

Later he joined Al Ahli for 3 months and he traveled to Egypt for family business, he joined Dell Middle East as Kuwait country manager and Retail manager for JARIR Bookstore in Saudi, he was based in Riyadh beside his father for 9 months and he decided to travel to US following the family, Dell was ranking NO 4 in JARIR and he left Dell and it was ranking NO 1 in sales.

He started his first book at the age of 9, later he stopped it because of some arguments by his colleagues and family members, later he wrote his poems and plays scripts at the same age, sadly enough he didn’t find the proper support to continue in this path. Anyhow, the book “Numocracy” was invented by 2004 and finished by 2009, he published his book in US and it is available in the internet talking about new reforming theory which can turn and organization or/and country from nowhere to great future in no time. Amrow was in US by 2009, he lived with his sister “Ms. Abeer Hijazi” and her son “Sameer and her daughters- Samar and Sahar”, he had a great time there and he established his own company “TrueBTL” after he got H1B1 visa. He had good clients in embassies seeking his knowledge and networks with web-DEV companies in India and UAE.  He had a disease since he born “G6PD Deficiency” and he suffered from it till the age of 15, that’s why his body is strong because he was not enjoying the chocolate, cola…etc or any traditional Kandy. He was only eating healthy food and stuff.

Amrow Traveled back to Middle East for his first marriage in 2010 and join hp Saudi as marketing director in NOV-2010 for PSG “Personal System Group” later IPG and PSG merged as one group PPS “Printing and Personal System”, Amrow was leading the complete country towards a new era where hp brand was the fourth in Sales ranking and suffering from bad “heating” laptop reputation. PSG Saudi was not spending much for the direct or in-direct marketing across the country. He succeeded in less than a half to diagnose the market needs, he was travelling by an old car “Caprice 1982” dressing like Saudi and talk like them in order to get the best out of his CBB “Consumer Buying Behavior” and understand why the distribution is suffering in Saudi. He came up with new GTM “Go TO Market” Model which he called “ELM” Engagement and Loyalty Model” to up-lift the sales and erase such bad reputation. Amrow started in 2001 developing the complete Merchandising team across the Middle East, later he was focusing on the sales team on the retail level and ESF “Extended Sales force” with his new strategy. Hp gained the market share in no-time and he invited the complete local “Un-boxers”, “Millennials” and “Youtubers” who can easily talk about the new hp technology.

The sales incentive program was developed and invented by Amrow in the Middle East for the sales staff in the re-seller level, later this program covered the entire Saudi Arabia and other competitors like “Toshiba and Dell” started to copy the program in order to boost the sales in the re-sellers level. On the other hand, Amrow was focusing on the BTB level where he developed the SPP “Student purchase program” with his college “Mr. Abdulkader Rahmni” the BTB covered the hp labs and hp support for education and government sectors at all levels with the help and support of his college “Mr. Ehab Bethenat”, he was focusing on the retailers like Jarir and other important retailers in Saudi. Amrow received an award from Channel Magazine in 2013 as best marketing director and best marketing support from hp Saudi management.

Amrow also got many internal awards and recognition for his outstanding performance. Amrow was working closely with professionals in the market place like “Ms.Asma Al Hamad”, “Ms.Reem AL Harbi”, “Mr.Faisal Al Saif” and more stars in the local market.

Amrow invented ELM and all resellers sales staff was involved in incentive program to award them with every unit sold out of ho portfolio. Later this system also copied form competitors in the marketplace but Amrow invented an online system to track every unit in the marketplace and was recognized internal for such break-through invention. Later, this system was copied across EMEA.

Amrow father passed away in 2013 and he resigned from hp in 2014 back to Dubai to join GCTMEA as a General Manager after meeting with “Mr.Milad Ghaboor” managing more than 70 countries and 7 main brands “Edimax,Genius, Laveda, Thecus and more”. He invented a new sales strategy and shrink the team to 20% in order to reduce the cost and by MARCH 2015, it was the highest sales in GCT history with extra 6 more partners covering the entire Middle East.

Amrow decided to leave the company and work as a free consultant looking for a great managerial function position in the marketplace, later he established his own company called MaxyCode in partnership with “Ms.Violet Samy”, MaxyCode had many clients and consultations across UAE. Later amrow expand the business to cover the entire Middle East and succeed to have many clients in Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, UK and much more.

Later Amrow decided to reduce the cost and have a larger scale company which is AHARD and closed MaxyCode for marketing services. One of his dream to have a Research and development company serving public and countries in parallel with Numocracy theory.

Amrow is delivering many training and consultations in many areas. Please refer to the training list here.

Amrow Have his own blog.

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