With over 27 years of extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, and business consultancy, I have had the privilege of contributing my expertise to renowned companies such as Microsoft, hp, Dell, as well as numerous other multinational and local enterprises. My professional reach encompassed a vast geographical expanse, including the Middle East, CIS, Africa, and the USA.

Throughout my senior-level career in marketing and business development, I have consistently led companies towards remarkable advancements in market share, customer acquisition, and revenue generation. My tenure at Consulting era, Genius, hp, Dell, and Microsoft has been marked by a keen ability to identify untapped avenues for growth, conceive innovative strategies to penetrate those markets, and execute those strategies with remarkable success.

A standout achievement includes my pivotal role in a team that achieved annual sales of over $600 million at hp, contributing to a significant sales surge of up to 60%. My influence extended across regions, covering the Middle East, Africa, CIS, Europe, and the USA.

My academic background includes a graduation in computer science engineering, further enriched by my involvement in key projects throughout the Middle East.


Born in Libya, I began my educational journey in Alexandria, where I attended “Leci.” Subsequently, I moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I enrolled in several prominent schools during my formative years, including “Al Mansour,” “Al Aqsa Schools,” “Al Faisaliah,” “Al Mutamed Bin Abad,” and finally “Al Jazirah School.” After completing my secondary education, I ventured to the UAE for my college studies. I pursued a degree in Computer Science at “Skyline” and later expanded my academic horizons with studies at PEL USA – South Dakota and Trustforte, focusing on IT.

My professional odyssey commenced early, as I embarked on my Sales and Marketing journey at the tender age of 14 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I held the position of Sales Representative at a small business center on Mursalat Road, catering to local small enterprises and neighboring entities. Subsequently, I became part of the Al-Dar company as a secretary, furthering my diverse experiences.

In pursuit of my varied interests, I delved into the world of mechanics, running a small car workshop. At the same time, I also undertook the role of a driver for public transportation, shuttling between key locations in Riyadh. This multi-faceted background contributed to shaping my versatile skill set and early professional ventures.

Assisting and lending support to his elder brother, “Mr. Adel Hijazi,” in the food distribution domain, Amrow Hijazi imbibed the foundational principles of Sales from his mentor. Subsequently, he transitioned his focus to philosophical literature and readings, engaging deeply with a diverse array of subjects spanning religion and philosophy.

At the tender age of 9, Amrow authored his inaugural play, showcasing his creative flair. Remarkably, he ventured into the realm of poetry at the age of 8, penning verses that revolved around women and his family. Amidst his aspirations, he nurtured a dream of pursuing an astronomical career in Kazakhstan. However, his father’s apprehensions about its prospects led him to reconsider this path.

Educationally, Amrow embarked on his journey in private schools before transitioning to public schools on Al-Khazan Street, where he pursued literary studies. This academic pursuit culminated in his graduation in 1995, setting the foundation for his evolving journey.

Hailing from a diverse background, he occupies the fifth position within his family hierarchy. His lineage is a fusion of an Egyptian mother and a Syrian father. Among his kin, an elder sister pursued dentistry, while his father made the decision to pursue higher education in the United Arab Emirates. During this period, he resided with his older sibling, “Mr. Assem Hijazi,” in pursuit of studies related to tourism, a path carved by his precedent-setting older brother, “Mr. Adel Hijazi.”

Embarking on his academic journey, he enrolled at Skyline College in Sharjah in 1996. It was during this time that he was introduced to his enduring companion, “Mr. Mohammed Iead.” Together, they entered the realm of a tourism bachelor’s degree program. Progressing into their second year, they undertook a foundational course before seamlessly transitioning into the full-fledged curriculum by 1997.

However, the course of his father’s aspirations was not devoid of challenges. Financial constraints emerged, casting a shadow over their path.

Guided by his brother, Assem Hijazi, Amrow embarked on a journey into the IT world, where he was introduced to the realm of technology. While pursuing his college education, Amrow engaged with various smaller entities to complete his studies. In the same year, he made a shift to studying Computer Science engineering and successfully completed the first year. However, he faced challenges that prevented him from continuing the full graduation program.

Driven by his ambitions, Amrow delved into the professional landscape, finding roles within small companies like Kerby Corporation. There, he assumed the role of a diligent sales representative, often traversing long distances on foot as he carried out his responsibilities.

Later, Amrow’s path led him to Microsoft, where he took on the role of a tester for their product line, specifically contributing to the preparation for the Windows 1998 release. He joined Microsoft’s modest testing office located in Bur Dubai, dedicating extensive hours to thoroughly test various printer brands and meticulously prepare final testing reports. Remarkably, he managed to balance his rigorous work commitments with ongoing studies.

Throughout this journey, Amrow also engaged in small-scale sales projects, strategically managing his efforts to sustain his financial needs. This period was defined by Amrow’s unwavering determination and his ability to navigate both his professional and academic pursuits.

Amidst his journey, his elder brother “Mr. Assem Hijazi” consistently provided invaluable support and continues to do so. Gratitude extends to his remarkable siblings – “Mr. Assem Hijazi,” “Mr. Adel Hijazi,” and “Mr. Alaeddine Hijazi” – for their unwavering presence and contributions.

Subsequently, his path led him to the distinct domains of Saudi Soft and Compubase, two separate companies operating in diverse fields. During this phase, he also became acquainted with Emitac Distribution. Notably, Amrow remained closely aligned with his brother “Mr. Alaeddine Hijazi,” consistently exploring Dubai to study emerging technologies and market trends.

Amrow’s commitment to the tech world led him to volunteer at Microsoft Middle East, where he worked as a tester in the Windows lab, despite receiving no monetary compensation. After dedicating three years to testing, his perseverance bore fruit with the receipt of three packages of Windows NT Workstation as tokens of recognition.

His professional trajectory further evolved as he secured a position at SaudiSoft, engaging in the sales of Citizen printers along Khaled Bin Waleed Road. It was during this phase that he forged a strong friendship with “Mr. Khaled Kamel,” a connection formed at Hiloples Computers on Dubai Street. He tirelessly worked to establish consignment relationships with numerous shops, a testament to his dedication.

Simultaneously, Amrow made his mark at the inaugural GITEX event in 1996, contributing as a camera operator for Microsoft. His responsibilities included capturing stand-construction activities before and after the event. Despite these diverse endeavors, his tenure at SaudiSoft was relatively short-lived.

He commenced his journey at Compubase, taking on the role of an Epson Helpdesk representative. It was during this period that he crossed paths with individuals who would play significant roles in his life, such as “Ms. Nicola Young” and “Mr. Wissam.” He was also introduced to his college mate, “Yousuf Ghafoor.” As part of the Helpline desk team, Amrow’s responsibilities extended across the entirety of the Middle East. Their collective efforts were geared towards addressing user complaints and technical inquiries, with Amrow fulfilling shifts to ensure comprehensive coverage.

In the early months of 1996, Amrow’s elder brother, “Assem,” introduced him to “Asem Galal,” marking a pivotal connection. Later, his journey led him to DTK Computers, owned by “Mr. Nemer Al Atal” in Jebel Ali. Here, he assumed the role of a Sales Co-Ordinator for the production line, overseeing the creation of DTK assembled computers. During this phase, he also made a significant personal achievement by purchasing his first car, a “Toyota Corolla.”

The year 1999 witnessed the inception of his first endeavor, “t-solver.” While working for Epson, Amrow established this group with a mission to enhance technical troubleshooting processes and techniques. Gathering members from around the world, including individuals like “Dr. Sherif Kholif,” “Ms. Manal AL Alfi,” “Mr. Gordon Gilford,” and “Mr. Taher Salem,” the group provided a platform for sharing computer-related problems and fostering knowledge exchange. Amrow’s dedication extended to promoting the group, offering rewards to winners and maintaining a lasting archive of posts and emails on the internet. Remarkably, this group remains active to this day, continuing its mission of assisting individuals globally.

Amrow maintained extensive connections with numerous resellers and distributors in the marketplace, actively engaged in the sales of computers and components. Notably, his introduction to “Mr. Amr Hassan” from hp was orchestrated by “Mr. Asem Galal.” This pivotal encounter led to a meeting in Dubai, where Amrow had the privilege of acquainting himself with “Ms. Samera Daas.” A mutual agreement was reached, propelling Amrow into a role at Dubai TV in support of hp’s significant initiative, “A6tfal.com.”

Amrow’s path intertwined with that of “Mr. Wael Abbas,” a partnership formed as they collaborated to enhance live broadcasting for the program. Subsequently, Amrow’s involvement expanded into the TV’s IT department, where he shared vital insights for the “Modhesh TV program.” Within this context, he crossed paths with the IT manager, “Ms. Khawla Salem,” who extended an invitation for him to join the team and offered him a position. However, the timing proved challenging as Amrow had received a job offer from hp.

Despite being persistently courted by “Mr. Amr Hassan” over three meetings to join hp, Amrow initially found allure in Dubai TV. Nevertheless, the decision was eventually swayed by a delayed response from Dubai TV, leading Amrow to opt for the hp opportunity in 2001.

Amidst these professional endeavors, Amrow continued his educational pursuit at DTK, collaborating with “Trinity College and University.” Their “Graduation-Experience” program aligned well with his aspirations, and he eventually enrolled in their “PEL program.” This journey culminated in his graduation in 2001, attaining a degree in Computer Science.

Nestled within Dubai Media City, the hp office exuded a modest and unassuming presence. At its helm stood Amrow’s direct manager, the adept “Mr. Amr Hassan.” In this dynamic environment, Amrow found himself introduced to a host of individuals who would leave a lasting mark on his professional journey. Notable names included “Ms. Sherifa Hady,” “Ms. Alya Azar,” the conveniently close “Mr. Christopher Chell” (who happened to be his neighbor within the Dubai Media City compound), “Ms. Leila Fakih,” “Mr. Olivier Evain,” “Mr. Prateek Dayal,” and the accomplished “Ms. Hanan Kamel,” among others, whose significance would unfold on various occasions.

Within this setup, Amrow assumed responsibility for retail merchandising in Dubai, a role secured through “Clarendon Parker company” as a contingent worker. The collaborative group comprised five members, namely “Amr,” “Leila,” “Alya,” and Amrow himself. As the team flourished, Amrow’s purview expanded beyond Dubai’s borders.

Together with Leila, Amrow embarked on journeys across GCC countries, a quest aimed at recruiting additional merchandisers and Retail Account Managers (RAM). This endeavor bore fruit as Amrow successfully appointed individuals like “Mr. Mohamed Adel,” “Mr. Asem Abu Salem,” “Mr. Abdulrzak Shiekh,” “Mr. Hussam Altal,” “Mr. Omar Khalil,” “Mr. Mohammed Al Saati,” “Mr. Mahmoud Amin,” “Mr. Rami Welly,” “Mr. Mohammed Zakariya,” “Mr. Mohammed Bensaid,” and numerous others. This comprehensive team was strategically positioned to engage with retailers across the entire Middle East.

Amrow’s ambit extended across diverse territories, encompassing visits to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Oman, and periodic trips to Europe. These travels were instrumental in acquiring additional training and knowledge, while also facilitating the expansion of Middle East coverage and fostering enriched retail experiences.

Amrow extended his efforts to enhance the Middle East team by bringing in skilled trainers like “Mr. George Akiki” and “Mr. Rami Enab.” Additionally, he diligently recruited more merchandisers, promoters, and in-store Sales and Merchandising Specialists (SMRs) to drive sales and elevate in-store experiences.

Spanning the years from 2001 to 2007, this period was marked by numerous impactful incidents and compelling stories. Amrow’s remarkable achievements were recognized through a multitude of awards and certificates from EMEA, a testament to his outstanding performance. He undertook the task of training retailers across the region, propelling in-store activities to unprecedented heights throughout the Middle East.

His innovative merchandising strategy and programs were not only adopted by competitors but were implemented “as is” by a majority of them, solidifying his role as a trendsetter in the field. Overseeing a team of more than 600 professionals, his influence spanned across the Middle East, leaving an indelible mark.

In a significant turn of events, Amrow’s family underwent a transformative shift as his mother made the decision to relocate to the United States. Seizing upon this juncture, Amrow received a promising offer from Al Ahli Group to lead IT and business development. Simultaneously, an enticing proposition also arrived from Dell Middle East, adding another layer of choice to his career path.

Subsequently, he became a part of Al Ahli Group for a period of three months before embarking on a journey to Egypt to tend to family business matters. His professional trajectory led him to Dell Middle East, where he assumed the roles of Kuwait Country Manager and Retail Manager for JARIR Bookstore in Saudi Arabia. During this time, he was stationed in Riyadh, working alongside his father for a span of nine months.

However, a significant shift was on the horizon as he made the pivotal decision to relocate to the United States, aligning with his family’s journey. In light of this decision, he bid farewell to Dell Middle East, a company that, at the time of his departure, held the rank of No. 4 in JARIR’s sales. Interestingly, the trajectory of JARIR’s sales took a dramatic turn, and upon his departure, Dell secured the No. 1 position in sales within the same context.

His literary journey commenced early, with the initiation of his first book at the tender age of 9. Regrettably, due to disagreements with colleagues and family members, he was compelled to halt its progress. Nonetheless, his creative talents found expression in the form of poems and play scripts during the same period. Unfortunately, the desired support to sustain this creative path remained elusive.

Nonetheless, the concept for his book “Numocracy” began to take shape in 2004, evolving into its completed form by 2009. He took the decisive step of publishing his book in the United States, making it accessible online. The book introduced a novel reforming theory that held the potential to propel organizations or entire nations from obscurity to a prosperous future in a remarkably short span.

By the year 2009, Amrow found himself in the United States, where he resided alongside his sister “Ms. Abeer Hijazi,” her son “Sameer,” and her daughters “Samar” and “Sahar.” This period marked a positive and enjoyable chapter in his life. Seizing the opportunity presented by his H1B1 visa, he established his own company, “TrueBTL.” Within this venture, Amrow fostered productive relationships with clients, particularly within embassies, and forged valuable networks with web development companies in India and the UAE.

Since birth, Amrow had grappled with a health challenge – G6PD Deficiency – a condition that persisted until the age of 15. His adherence to a healthy diet, devoid of indulgences like chocolate, cola, and traditional candies, contributed to his robust constitution. As a result, his dietary choices revolved around nourishing and wholesome foods.

Returning to the Middle East for his first marriage in 2010, Amrow took a significant step by joining hp Saudi as the Marketing Director for PSG (“Personal System Group”). Subsequently, the merger of IPG and PSG united under the banner of PPS (“Printing and Personal System”). At this juncture, Amrow embarked on a transformative journey, guiding the entire country toward a new era. The hp brand, ranked fourth in Sales, was grappling with a tarnished reputation due to laptop heating issues.

PSG Saudi’s investments in direct and indirect marketing were relatively restrained. In a remarkable feat, Amrow swiftly assessed the market’s requirements and employed strategic measures, drawing upon his astute understanding of Consumer Buying Behavior (CBB). He adopted an immersive approach, embodying the Saudi persona by driving an old “Caprice 1982” car and seamlessly integrating into local culture and language.

Undoubtedly, his immersion yielded profound insights, enabling him to devise a novel Go-To-Market (GTM) Model named “ELM” – Engagement and Loyalty Model. This innovative strategy aimed to rejuvenate sales and dispel the negative perceptions surrounding the brand.

Amrow’s visionary journey began in 2001, as he initiated the development of a comprehensive Merchandising team across the Middle East. As his focus shifted, he directed his attention towards bolstering the sales team at the retail level, alongside the Extended Sales Force (ESF), propelled by his novel strategy. This endeavor swiftly yielded tangible results, catapulting hp’s market share to new heights.

Recognizing the importance of tapping into emerging trends, Amrow extended invitations to local influencers, including “Un-boxers,” “Millennials,” and “YouTubers.” Their ability to authentically discuss and showcase new hp technology further solidified the brand’s foothold within the market.

In the Middle East, Amrow pioneered the creation of a groundbreaking sales incentive program tailored for sales staff operating at the re-seller level. This innovation swiftly gained traction, expanding its reach to encompass the entirety of Saudi Arabia. Notably, competitors such as “Toshiba” and “Dell” soon emulated this program, recognizing its efficacy in driving sales and elevating performance within the re-seller domain.

Simultaneously, Amrow set his sights on the Business-to-Business (BTB) sector, collaborating with his colleague “Mr. Abdulkader Rahmni” to conceive the Student Purchase Program (SPP). This initiative targeted various educational and government segments, including the prestigious hp labs and hp support. Aided by the assistance of “Mr. Ehab Bethenat,” his college, Amrow directed strategic efforts towards retailers like “Jarir” and other prominent players in the Saudi market.

His dedication and innovative approaches did not go unnoticed. In 2013, Amrow’s contributions were lauded as he received the prestigious “Best Marketing Director” award from Channel Magazine. Further recognition came by way of “Best Marketing Support,” a testament to the transformative impact he had orchestrated under the auspices of hp Saudi management.

Amrow’s exceptional performance earned him a plethora of internal accolades and acknowledgments. He forged close collaborations with esteemed professionals within the marketplace, including luminaries such as “Ms. Asma Al Hamad,” “Ms. Reem Al Harbi,” “Mr. Faisal Al Saif,” and other notable figures in the local industry.

Amrow conceptualized the Engagement and Loyalty Model (ELM), a pioneering approach that engaged every reseller’s sales staff through an innovative incentive program. This program rewarded them for each unit sold from hp’s portfolio. As its success resonated, competitors in the market emulated this strategy, prompting Amrow to devise an online tracking system that meticulously monitored each unit within the marketplace. This ingenious system garnered internal recognition for its groundbreaking nature.

As a testament to its effectiveness and ingenuity, this system was swiftly adopted across the broader EMEA region, solidifying Amrow’s role as a trailblazer in driving sales and fostering innovation within the industry.

In 2013, Amrow faced the loss of his father. The following year, in 2014, he made the decision to leave his position at hp. Returning to Dubai, he embraced a new chapter by assuming the role of General Manager at GCTMEA. This transition was marked by a pivotal meeting with “Mr. Milad Ghaboor,” the catalyst for his leadership across a diverse landscape spanning more than 70 countries and overseeing seven prominent brands, including “Edimax,” “Genius,” “Laveda,” “Thecus,” and others.

Guided by his visionary approach, Amrow introduced an innovative sales strategy. This strategic overhaul prompted a streamlined approach, resulting in a reduction of the team size by 20%. This decisive move aimed to optimize operations and curtail costs. The fruits of his labor became evident by March 2015, as GCTMEA achieved an unprecedented milestone – recording the highest sales figures in the company’s history. Moreover, the Middle East landscape was enriched with the inclusion of six new partners, thus extending GCTMEA’s footprint across the region.

Opting for a new direction, Amrow made the deliberate choice to step away from his existing company and embark on a journey as an independent consultant. His goal was to secure a noteworthy managerial role within the market. Subsequently, in collaboration with “Ms. Violet Samy,” he founded his own venture, MaxyCode. This enterprise quickly gained traction, attracting numerous clients and engagements throughout the UAE.

With time, Amrow’s ambitions led him to broaden the horizons of MaxyCode. Its scope expanded to encompass the entire Middle East, marked by successful client engagements spanning across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, the UK, and beyond. The enterprise’s growth and achievements underscored Amrow’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and value within the realm of consultation and services.

Subsequently, Amrow made the strategic decision to optimize costs and scale up his operations, leading him to establish AHARD, a company with a broader scope. As part of this transition, he phased out MaxyCode’s marketing services. Guided by his aspirations, Amrow harbored a dream of creating a Research and Development company that would serve both the public and countries, operating in tandem with his Numocracy theory. This vision aimed to merge innovation with practical applications, fostering progress and advancement on multiple fronts.

Since 2016, Amrow has been actively engaged as a management, business, and marketing consultant, lending his expertise to a diverse array of organizations. His role has involved collaborations with various government entities in both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Leveraging his wealth of experience, Amrow has played a pivotal role in advising and guiding these entities towards strategic growth and success. Amrow is delivering many training and consultations in many areas. Please refer to the training list here.

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