North York, Ontario, Canada, MAY-1st-2020 #adelhejazi:

This pandemic has significant impact in many industry worldwide, however; the airport and airline industry has biggest hit among any other industry This is pandemic is even worst than world war 2,More than 100 countries locked down .

From my analysis, study, and experience in the industry, I can say small airlines will bankrupt without any financial aid ,airlines should work massively in promoting cargo and essential transportation, in addition government should step-in and financially Aid all Canadian airlines in both loans and grants so it will not have huge impact in the overall country economy to avoid financial crisis and inflation, aftermath .government are helping and saving them self by supporting Canadian airlines and this should be done world wide.

Airlines on the other hand should invest and use this aid in both, cost saving and in their own employees as they are the main assets for any company in the world, airlines need to keep their stocks and any assets to keep the cash flow and to assist with the governments aid to sustain the airlines in the market, I can say the airlines and airport operation will change dramatically in future.