AHARD “Amrow Hijazi Association for research and development” is aiming to host many RnD blueprint across the globe. AHARD will be among the top providers for Public studies, developments strategies, Educational Library and planning. We are based on planet earth to blueprint the globe.



AHARD is aiming to provide a high quality/selected professionals and consultants in their fields. AHARD is not gaining any profit out of that. We are making sure that we know each individual and his/her deliverable and quality.

On the other hand, our members are working on big projects and delivering professional training across the platforms around the globe. Please select the training from the training list.

I’m happy to announce a new project aiming to enhance the awareness about the animals treatments in Egypt, I’ve created a web site and posters “by Arabic” for this specific goal.

Annameen.com is not only providing solutions for the animals owners but awareness about the animals rights and how to protect them, please visit www.annameen.com.

…Amrow Hijazi…